Mr. Howden, you are such a dork. XD

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Anders pointing out Sebastian’s crotch.

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…Just because there hasn’t been any Adam on my dash in a while.

<3 this crazy perv!


it makes me tickled how tickled he is. every time adam howden cracks an anders joke, a kitten gets a bowl of milk. 

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“I’m trying to protect you.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Happy Holidays, everyone! All 140 of you - wow. We’ll get some new material in for the new year and try to quit being a blog of tweets.

One of my highlight pranks of the year. A gentle reminder to not get drunk & fall asleep anywhere near me. 

Remember, if you’re into MMO, Adam is one of the voices in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

I’d love to play it, but I can’t stick MMOs, so make sure to tell us how it is + who/what Adam voices!